Web Applications

Streamline Your Workflow

KanaiTek can help your company create custom solutions that are data driven, web delivered, and client centric that give you the edge you need.



Data Driven

Rather than relying on intuition, or personal experience, our apps are data driven, which means we put the real numbers to work for you.


Web Delivered

Our apps are web delivered, which means you can access them from anywhere. No more having to rely on specific networks. If you have internet access, you can get the information you need.



Our apps boost productivity through allowing users to accomplish more with less effort, and increased process flow.


No Limits

When it comes to limits, simply put, there are none. With KanaiTek you will never be restrained by the number of records of users you need.


No Fees

Your new app will never be subject to monthly or yearly fees to keep it up, and running. Your app will be yours to own from day one.


Built for you

We custom build all of our apps to our clients' specifications. These work for you instead of you working for them because they are built by you.

With these tools, organizations are empowered to improve the effectiveness of their people, efficiency of their processes, and quality of their products and services.

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