About KanaiTek, Inc.

The possibilities are endless...


KanaiTek, Inc. was started to provide technology services that are data driven, web delivered, and client centric. Too many times technology has dictated how an organization can function with imposed limitations, and increasing costs. KanaiTek puts organizations in control of their technology.
Clients choose how it will look, function, and ultimately compliment their processes, and workflows. Off-the-shelf software costs more, and does less. Let us show you cost effective solutions that are custom fit to your strategies, and goals.

Randy Grafton, President

Randy is cofounder of KanaiTek Inc. with over 19 years of experience in IT, software development, and database architecture, and management. He has held positions of IT Director, Systems Administrator, Project Manager, and Lead Consultant for a variety of companies across the country including Nike, US Airways, US Bank, Bank One, and GES. Randy has always strived for a "better way..." in the implementation, utilization, and benefit of technology. Capitalizing on his vast technical experience, Randy is the driving force behind KanaiTek's solutions that leverage a variety of diverse systems, environments, and platforms.

Attempting to maintain a balanced life, Randy enjoys traveling with his family, live music, and pretending to be a bartender with his his ever patient wife testing out new concoctions.

Dennis Welu, Mobile Applications Specialist

Dennis brings over 20 years of experience in software development to the table. He has worked with clients large, and small – from startup to Fortune 500 companies. Dennis has specialized in mobile technologies, and "app" development. Building numerous iOS, and Android apps, he has used a mix of web, and native approaches to achieve results, and is a Certified Xamarin Mobile developer.

Outside of mobile development, you can find Dennis spending time with his family, or on his boat fishing.