Cloud Technology that Grows with You

Kumu is Hawaiian for foundation. iKumu allows your business to establish a solid foundation by addressing your initial pain points, and gives you the flexibility to add additional features as you need them.

Starter Modules Include


iKumu Scheduling

Schedule, update, delete, or postpone all of your appointments, and meetings with iKumu Scheduling.


iKumu Inventory

Easily manage all of your products, and inventory with iKumu Inventory.


iKumu Documents

iKumu Documents allows you, and your team, to have access to all your information when, and where ever you need it.


iKumu Reporting

Have data that you need to access? iKumu Reporting allows you to pull, and manipulate your data as you see fit.


iKumu CRM

Keep track of all your customers, and clients, and ensure they are up to date with the latest information from your organization with iKumu CRM.


And Many More

There is a iKumu application for almost any business function, and if we don't have one readily available for your needs, we will happily create it.

iKumu is a budget sensitive, needs based custom software tool that will dramatically increase the efficiency of your business

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